Fillings & Extractions



Regular dental checkups and cleanings are an important part of maintaining a healthy smile; however, many people do not visit the dental office regularly because they are afraid or they don’t have symptoms or see any issues developing with their teeth. If you have avoided visiting a dentist and the formation of bacteria and decay has caused a cavity, fillings are the first line of defense. Dr. Bachman begins by putting patients at ease. He will then remove unhealthy tooth decay to prevent it from spreading further. Once the decay has been cleared, a soft composite resin filling is used to harden and rebuild the tooth.
Helpful Hint: Cavities can be avoided by brushing and flossing after each meal and by regularly scheduled visits to see Dr. Bachman.


Extractions are, quite simply, when a dentist must remove a tooth. The most common reasons for an extraction procedure are tooth decay that is beyond restoration and dental trauma, particularly when pain is present. It is especially prevalent when dealing with Wisdom Teeth that become stuck or impacted. Staying on top of your dental care allows your dentist to spot tooth decay early so that teeth won't get to the point where they require extraction.
Helpful Hint: Pain and swelling are normal but you can ensure the best recovery possible by planning ahead. If possible, schedule your surgery so that you have a day or two to recover, watch what you eat, rest as much as possible and rinse your mouth with salt water regularly.

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